How to get FREE SSL Certificate for Website (HTTPS)

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Security is an essential part for any website or Blog to build the trust among the visitors and it also helps in building your website search ranking and the best part is that you can also get it free of cost by installing Free SSL certificate on your Website or Blog. If you are in confusion that “How and Why” it is important, and how to get it then let’s check out this below step by step:


What is SSL?

SSL stand for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted connection between two systems in an online communication. The two systems could be a web server and a client browser or server to server. The usage of SSL certificate ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted and hence remains secure from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential sensitive personal, credit or any other details.


Why SSL required?

SSL is an essential backbone of our secure Internet as it protects sensitive information by encrypting and securing the connection between channels on the internet . SSL is important for any website, even if it carries or do not carry sensitive information like credit cards, personal details etc. As it provides privacy, security and data integrity for both your websites and the website users personal information.


Other benefits:

HTTPS helps in boosting the search engine ranking so you may consider having this for your website or blog. In 2014 the search engine giant GOOGLE has taken a strict stance to make sure that it protects the privacy of their consumers and announced HTTPS as a ranking signal .

So know you know how it will help you in securing your website and gain the trust of your visitors while it will also help you in boosting search ranking in Google which is important for any website or blog owner,  so you might be ready to add SSL in your website but one hurdle could be the cost including in accepting https for your website so here we are with some of the options through which you can secure you website or blog free of cost.

Make your website secure with Free SSL/TLS Certificate

Here we have few SSL certificate providers that can help you to get FREE SSL certificate for your website without spending money

Following acronyms are in use in this article:

  • SSL – Secure Socket Layer
  • TLS – Transport Layer Security
  • CDN – Content Delivery Network
  • DV – Domain Validated
  • ACME – Automated Certificate Management Environment


1. Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is the first free and open Certificate Authority which provides absolutely free SSL certificate. Many major sponsors and donors are behind this project some of them are Mozilla, Akamai, SiteGround, Cisco, Facebook, etc.

Key benefits of a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate are:

  • It’s free – Anyone who owns a domain can get this trusted certificate free of cost. You need to verify the ownership for the domain to generate this free certificate.
  • It’s automatic – Everything is automatic that means you do not have to spend your time in creating CSR and send to CA authority to get it signed. This all happens in the background on your web servers.
  • Secure – Let’s Encrypt serves as a platform for implementing modern security techniques and best practices.


Let's Encrypt Free SSL


2. Comodo

Comodo offers free SSL certificate at zero cost for 90 days. This is a perfect fit if you are looking to play around to know how SSL works or if are looking for SSL certificate for some short-term project. All the main browsers recognize Comodo certificates.

Comodo Free SSL Image


3. Cloud Flare

Cloud Flare is a global CDN and Security Company. Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites including Reddit, yelp, Mozilla, StackOverflow, etc.

Recently, Cloud Flare announced universal SSL free of cost for its users no matter if you are in the free plan.  Follow below steps to activate FREE SSL for your website using CloudFlare:

  1. Login to your Cloud Flare account.
  2. Select the website you want to enable SSL.
  3. Click on the Crypto icon.
  4. Ensure it should be configured as “Flexible” and status should be “ACTIVE CERTIFICATE.”

It may take some time to go live with https, you can verify by accessing your website with https in few minutes.


4. StartSSL.Com

Startssl.Com provides free certificate for personal use. In order to get this free cert, you need to verify or validate the ownership of Domain.

You can have unlimited class 1 DV SSL certificate in free! Good for personal website/blog.


5. WoSign

WoSign provides free certificate for 2 years.. It supports SHA2 algorithm. “WoSign CA Free SSL Certificate G2” issues a cert.

6. SSL For Free

SSL For Free  generates 100% free SSL certificates within minutes using Let’s Encrypt ACME server. Follow below steps to generate FREE SSL on this website.

  1.  Enter your Website address in search box as mentioned in above image and click on ” Create Free SSL Certificate”.
  2.  Validate the ownership of the website by any of the three options as mentioned in below image.
  3.  After the validation of the ownership, you will be able to download the SSL certificates by clicking on   “Download SSL Certificate” button on the same page.
  4.  Use the certificate on your website and then you will be able to get your website using https. It may take few minutes to go live with https.
  5.  You need to renew  your website certificates in every 90 days. You can provide your email address on to get reminder on your email address before the expiration of the current certificate.



30 Days Free

You may also obtain 30 days free trial from following certificate provider.

Update: also provide free SSL for 90 days.

If you are still looking for Hosting then you can also look for some of the shared hosting providers which provides free SSL certificate, like SiteGround, E wall host etc.

I hope the provided information will help you in getting free SSL for your website/blog.


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