Setup Auto-responder in Contact Form 7

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Contact Form 7 is one of the most famous Contact Form plugins available in WordPress. An auto-response is a feature which automatically sends out emails or message to the people who submit details in the forms on your website.

You can use this feature to send “Thank you Email” to the contact person or you can also send offer details in it.

A lot of people may have this query that if we can set up an Auto response email in Contact Form 7 and how to do that. In this Article, you will find the steps to set up an Auto-Response Email in Contact form 7 plugin.

Steps to set up an Auto-Response Message:

  • Click on the Form from all of your forms for which you want to set up the auto response.
  • Click on the Mail option to change the Mail setting of that Form.


Contact form 7 mail option


  • Scroll down on your contact page and you will find Mail(2) section after Mail setting option.
  • Check Use Mail check box as shown in below image and then copy email short-code [your-email] and paste it into To text box. We need this short-code to send auto-response. (Refer the below image for reference.)
  • The [your-email] short-code contains the user’s email which he/she will enter in email box while submitting a contact form.
  • Enter your message which you want to send via auto-responder in Message Body.
  • Then click on save button to save the setting and with all the above steps your auto-responder is set up and ready to be used.


Contact form 7 mail 2 options


If you are still facing any issue, or in confusion anywhere in setting up auto response in contact form 7. Then feel free to contact me or leave a comment below and I will be more than glad to help you further.

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