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I would like to start this post with a quote  “Be realistic-Be happy, not the perfect. Perfectionism is a myth“. God has given you this beautiful life to be happy, to be real you! You are born to be happy, not the perfect. Do not just get misguided by any article, TV shows or by any other person who is giving you the message to be perfect as the truth is “No one is perfect” and the bigger truth is “No one can be perfect.” As the perfection is a myth and not the realistic thing to be achievable.

Do not get confused with the success and the Perfectionism to be same thing. You might have a big dream to achieve, which is great. Work consistently to get it. Work consistently to become better and that simple it is. If you are consistent, day by day, moment by moment, you will be a better and successful person.


Perfectionism is Not Good for Your Mental Health and leads you to low-esteem

As I said earlier, Perfectionism is unattainable. Sometimes you might fail and will not be able to achieve the goal set for you. Guess what, the rigid standard what a perfectionist set for themselves will lead them to the self disappointment, frustration which is no where GOOD for any one. It will lead you to unhealthy thought that you are not good which could lead you towards a Mental disaster. It will break your mental health and leads you to low-esteem. So never-ever set a rigid goal for you, be happy in your life, Never try to be a perfectionist.


Perfectionism stops you from growing in your life

It’s true that a perfectionist can not tolerate mistakes, failures and hence any of the very experience which are vital factor in building our experience which makes things worse in a long run. Life is full of moments, success, failures, rejections are part of life. Every moment or action turns into an experience.  We should face our failures and rejections as part of life, as that will only turns the things out for us and will build a life experience for us.


Perfectionism destroys your joyful moments

In process of becoming perfect a person faced a hard time in enjoying the natural, beautiful flow of life. It’s very difficult to enjoy if you will be busy in finding flaws in life and try to change it.  You will miss all the enjoyable moments of your life.


Perfectionism is a Road blocker to creativity

Creativity is a vital factor in discovering new ideas, new ways to success, inspiring the people in opening new ways to their goal and become optimistic and happy. And Perfectionism is the biggest road blocker in implementing your creative thoughts before it will get fruitful in your life. Relentless inner critics, self-oriented perfectionism, tearing apart ideas will destroy your creativity and everything in you which could inspire you to move on towards success.

If you working consistently, trying to meet a goal,  some times you will receive failure, sometimes you will get success and that how the life runs. The failure gives you the way to success, it gives a life long experience. And Perfectionism is a big road blocker in implementing those new ideas in fear of getting failure. We are not machine, no need to be perfect.


I hope this article rings a bell in your mind and you will stop looking for perfectionism and a light of success will fall upon you.


With this I would say Bye for now. Do spread the love, share this post.



Thank you!


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